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Thank you, Judy, for the embroidered napkins.

Checking out the treasurerís report

Convention 2008 was a time to just kick back and enjoy the company of good friends.† Isnít that what being a Red Winger is all about?


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Show and Tell brings out examples of similar collecting tastes.† We all know that sometimes the hunt is more fun than finding that elusive piece.† Shared memories will always be present even if the piece is gone.

Rarely is there a meeting where some- one is nearly reduced to tears during a joke telling session...clean jokes, of course.

Our meetings are always educational.† We learn about Red Wing from stoneware to art pottery (of course), Michiganís logging history, farm memorabilia, and kohlrabi.† We learned how it is grown, how prolific it is, and what it tastes like.† Yes, our meetings are educational...and not just about Red Wing.

This meetingís Show and Tell session brought out a mystery piece (definitely a Red Wing mold but the similarity stops there), an antiques show purchase, and questions about why everything ends up with flowers in it.


Happiness is being a winner in the door prize drawing for baseball caps, one with a Red Wing oval and the other with an elephant ear decoration.† The caps were donated by a chapter member who owns Fireside Threads.

2009 was a year of good friends, funny jokes, and memories.