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The website of our parent organization.  Keep up to date with RWCS activities, link to other chapter websites, or “Ask the Experts” about your special piece of stoneware.

Related Links

Access numerous websites relating to all things Red Wing.   Links to other collectors organizations are given in case you just cant get enough of stoneware by collecting Red Wing...or if you want to identify that mystery piece.

The Schleich Red Wing Pottery Museum

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Schleich Museum displays over 5000 pieces of Red Wing from the earliest days to the potteries closing.  A visit to the Schleich Museum website will give a short course in Red Wing history.

Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation

The Foundation works to preserve the history of the once flourishing pottery industry in Red Wing, MN.  The Foundation maintains a museum made up of rare and familiar pieces and works to educate the public about the pottery industry.

Goodhue County Historical Museum

Source of information regarding the history of Red Wing and the surrounding area.

NOTE:This site provides numerous links for those doing genealogical studies.

Blue & White Pottery Club

An organization devoted to the collecting of blue & white pottery.  This organization is a perfect fit for many Red Wing collectors because of the number of Red Wing pieces produced in blue and white.

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Red Wing Dinnerware

If you collect Red Wing Dinnerware or are trying to identify a pattern, this site is a must see.


Fort Dodge Stoneware

Collectors of stoneware made my various Midwest potteries

McCoy Pottery Collector’s Society

For collectors of McCoy pottery

Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware

Extensive information on Illinois pottery and stoneware.

Eva Zeisel Forum

Red Wing was only one of the many that Eva Zeisel designed for.